Krishnamurti Remix

We are a product
of the society
in which we live.
And there is nothing original
We repeat , repeat, repeat

The Real Revolution

Is it possible to bring about a mutation in what is?
How to break away from this hegemonic mould?
How to be aware of what is
Of what is now
How more than half the world’s population
Live in easily avoidable poverty
How to avoid the most unnecessary suffering
And be aware of what is now
The small and subtle movement in the now of trees
The euphoria we pick in clear blue skies
And our mother the placenta sea
Who soothes and calms us as with ocean belly
And here we stand now
Knees deep in this present crisis
Slamming words together
As we attempt to wrap our tongues but not our minds in words like real revolution
Words that are empty vessels in our diction
As our diction drifts away with profit
To the slow heart beat of:
Crisis, crisis
The crisis they say is purely financial
But there is more to crisis
There is our present crisis of consciousness
A crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns
Considering what the world is now with all the misery, all the conflict, all alongside an ironic advancement in technology
A quick view of the urban world shows its characteristics to have been cultivated from the aggressive, the competitive, the self-seeking
Society’s early skeleton was born from the reckless, the cold, the callous, the self-rewarding
And in this resonance we are born believing in our own paralysis
That we are defeated
That the big they, the big brother, big camera have made a mould too strong for us to break
When will we see that it’s only our belief that ‘they’ control us
That controls us
We make-believe our own paralysis
As in this stasis there is only illusion of stillness
Because life is constant movement
Life is vibrating
Life is quantum shaking
But denied the holistic picture
We are denied the understanding of our connectedness
So we deny ourselves as collective consciousness
Conditioned we are to think in fragments
So all we see is fragment
And then claim to know the whole through feeling of the fragment
As Krishnamurti said’:
‘The world is a mischievous world’
But how to solve the problem?
Of hunger, lack of clothes, of shelter
They say that sovereign governments will form solution
But nation-states are no solution
Nationalism is rather the prevention of solution
‘My flag your flag my country your country’
The repeated symbols of nation, the invisible community drummed into us in anthems, curriculums, sports rallies
So much so that we do not even think of it as belief
So much so that you will never even hear the question asked
Do you believe in nation England?
That non-physical entity
While global governance is run by inter-national- relations
Which sees the globe as a legitimate chess board
Of black against white; pawn against King
There are so many ways to prevent conflict, starvation and suffering
Science has the means, technology the hands
Yet nothing is done because welfare states are enclosed by nation-states
And democracy parasitically lives off this sectarianism
My party your party
The continual threats of our country, our country
Campaigns that states:
You are us and they are them
So vote for us not them
How to move away from this fragmentation
How to move closer to the holistic pulse of life
With all its order and chaos
Beauty and complexity?
We must let go of labels –
We must let go of
I am black
You are White
We must let go of these words that tell us: ‘that we are what we are’
And not what we have become
Words that market to us packaged identities
But most of us are caught in words
So how to be free?
How to go beyond words
How to listen and not just hear
Hearing being when we hear to accept, reject or translate
Making the mistake of comparing what we hear to what is already known
Let’s steer away from hearing into listening
There is no acceptance or rejection
The quality of listening is in itself attention
To listen and listen to the totality of the thing
As Krishnamurti said:
If I say there is a God
I’ve blocked myself
If I say there is no God
I’ve blocked myself
But if I say I really don’t know let’s find out
Then I’ll have the energy to go into it
Let’s not corner ourselves in yes and no’s
Let’s reach awareness beyond words
For we cannot accept things as they are
Nor can we use violence to revolt against it
But we can go into it
We can understand it,
With soul, knowledge and mind
And find a way of living differently
But that depends on you
We’ve had faith in leaders, in monarchs, in churches… because we wanted to achieve that state of bliss
But Hope has no meaning at all,
There is just awareness of what is
And our power of consciousness
We can make a radical transformation of the mind
But this will not come from messiah nor waiting as disciple
‘Because in this there is no teacher, there is no pupil. There is no leader, there is no guru, no master, no saviour, you have to, you have to yourself are the teacher, you are the pupil , you are the master you are the leader, [the universe lives within you], you are everything and to understand it to transform what is’

To understand it to transform what is.

Sofas of Grass

We sit like sheep on a mountaintop

Relaxed and sucking in the views

We do not move

With our sofas of grass and TVs of clouds

We do not move

Unless a timetable tells us to

Unless the monetary alarm gets us up and gets us to

As we scurry and scuttle like lab rats

In tunnels and tubes

Rushing to the pulse of the clock

But still

We do not move

Paralysed sniffing the glue of Bank posters

All stuck to the walls

As HSBC promises me childhood dreams

And  human smiles and easy quotes

And Natwest tells me it helps long-lost friends reconnect

And TSB has now changed

Its single again

Its dark horse in the past

It’s now local and cares

In these tunnels and tubes

We scurry and scuttle

Through the traps and the cheese

But still we do not move

Until the silent crisis causes quakes

We do not move

Until our houses get made to tents

And food gets moved to stamps

Then the pavements hear the thudding of our bare and bony feet

When depression is the air

But we don’t move in the silent

Forgetting that before every crisis there is quiet

Forgetting that financial prowess is a period pain

It’s a cycle of cramping and bleeding

Inflation and inflammation

But we don’t move in the quiet

We leave our bodies lie in the silence

We sit like sheep on a mountaintop

Relaxed and sucking in the views

We do not move

Until we are rounded

Until the herd dogs are barking

And our backs are in the farm yard

We do not move

Until female tits are milked and pulled

And our hair is shaven and woven and sold as wool

We do not move

Like sheep on the mountaintop

We do not move

Until tyranny encloses our space

And cattles us together

Until we cannot stretch without our backs touching one another

We do not move until the butcher holds us

And sells our young as tender meat

And hangs our elderly in windows, skinned, tied rope on feet

No we do not move

Not on this hilltop with nice skyline views

Unless an institution gets us up and gets us to

This school, this sport, this work uniform stuck to our skin

Conforming us to keep in

With our sofas of grass and TVs of clouds

No we do not move

Until the green hills blister and crack dry

Until the Earth’s cough is found to be cancer

Because this smoke has no surrender

And we do not move





I don’t read the news much

But one day

One over- the- shoulder headline that really got me was

David Cameron ‘wages war on gangs’

Which I found funny

Coz I thought it was only gangs that waged war with gangs

But saying that I suppose

A more thorough look

At our intergenerational run of MPs

Shows a great amount of consistency

With Dictionary’s definition of gangster

They show more

‘Identifiable leadership and internal organization’,


‘Claiming control over communal territory’,

Mr Prime Minister of Britain


Solidarity in the making of mutual protection and profit


Fraternity and uniform cooperation

 As Eton spawns more violence

Than any council estate, Tottenham Mandem, or Peckham Boy there’s been

Waging war on gangs

Where war becomes synonymous for conflict-resolution

When war becomes Orwellian

Repeated as a mantra

Barked out in every generation

By pure-breed pupps for politicians

The first to get this trend in being President Nixon

Waging war on drugs

Putting on Propaganda’s coat

To get dark skin put and placed in prison

Propaganda’s sugar coat

To slip Jim Crow back in the system

David Cameron ‘wages war on gangs

Telling us that punishment and discipline

Will fix petty violence as solution

Leading eyes away from

The scaffold of the city-scape

Its concrete blocks and metal poles

Its streets of depravity that siren and scream

Its clear demographic of patients

Reveal that this poverty’s constructed

That this violence conditioned

And that crime is not disease rather it is socially determined symptom

It is the sand blocks and crates

Carried, to continue the construction of this pyramidic system

I don’t read the news much

But travelling around there is no choice but to passively inhale

Trains full of smoke

Fuming with the odour of headline

David Cameron ‘wages war on gangs’

Where war becomes synonymous for conflict-resolution

When war becomes a mantra

Barked out in every generation

By pure-bred pupps for politicians

All suckled and addicted to elitist teats and its secreting power

And so David Cameron

Just another demagogue

He speaks

Breath all musty

He’s ‘Waging war on gangs’

To mass communicate

To print and paste

To publish and condition

To personify the underclass as pure villain

And in doing so

Entrench the pyramid shape right in the core of public opinion

The World That Man Built

This is the world that man built

This is the sin

This is the sin that lies in the world that man built

This is the greed

This is the greed that gave way to the sin, that lies in the world that man built

This is the money

This is the money that funded the greed, that gave way to the sin, that lies in the world that man built

This is the suffering that was bought by the money, that funded the greed, that gave way to the sin, that lies in the world that man built.

Just look at the world that man built:

This is the feminine and this is the war

This is the banks as they fight with the poor

This is the nuclear and these are the bombs

This is the death and memorial songs

This is the judges and these are the laws

Free market is granted and profits do soar

This is the nation and this is the state

This is the business that business does make

This is the system and these are their laws

This is the prison for those that want more

This is the race and this is the crime

And this is the terror-ists all the time

So this is the army and this is their guns

These are the planes remote-controlled in the suns

This is the drones and this is the war

This is the West as it fights with poor

As this is the coal and this is the gas

This is the oil and this is its mass 

This is the outcome

The outcome of banks

As Finance makes famine

And politicians make tanks

Because this is their structure

Their structure of power

This is their system

Their global scaffolding

This is the world that man built.

Michelle Alexander truly uncovers the discriminatory truth of the US penal system, through its ‘War on Drugs’ that works to systematically profile black American communities and incarcerate thousands upon thousand for minor offenses such as first time drug use.

After imprisonment ‘criminals’ are then subject to legal discrimination - employers can legally not accept ‘Felons’, they are denied access to public housing projects, the majority of private landlords also do not accept people with past convictions, denied access to public benefits, in most US states also denied access to something even as simple as food stamps the list continues etc…

Post-prison the few people that can even get employment may then be subject to pay the court fees, and prison costs for them being imprisoned.

To add more chaos to the madness a vast proportion of US prisons are privately owned and the massive increase of black people being incarcerated has led to the increased value of the prison system and now shares for private prisons are being sold on the stock market….

Anyway this documentary is a great, informative and eye-opening watch…